Moka Pot Gifts

All about Making a Moka Coffee (with a "K") with DosaCaffe

In Italy, ordering a Caffe Moka is quite different from, say, than calling for a Mocha coffee in America.  To sound alike is not to taste alike, coffee-style.  DosaCaffe helps you get the unqiue moka flavor right every time.

Moka Espresso Brewing Tutorial

This is a quick tutorial on the stovetop espresso maker. It is also known as a Moka Pot and is sold under the name Bialetti. Let’s get started.

#1 Fill the Bottom Chamber with Water

Fill the bottom chamber with cold water. Stumptown Coffee advises pre-heating the water, so the coffee doesn’t cook on the stove. That may be a good idea if you use the large 6-cup Bialetti, but I found with the 3 cup maker, it made no difference to the taste and was more of a hassle. Try both ways and do whatever works best for you.